2023 City and Provincial Budget Consultations

This budget cycle, the ways and extent to which levels of government coordinate recovery efforts will have immense impact for a generation of children.


Every child deserves to live their best life, supported by equitable opportunities in our schools and communities. This budget cycle, the ways and extent to which levels of government coordinate recovery efforts will have immense impact for a generation of children that have experienced years of disruption to learning and play. In the case of our youngest students, these impacts have spanned their entire school experience.

The COVID pandemic has impacted student learning and well-being, exacerbated social inequities and increased levels of poverty across the City of Toronto. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is allocating resources to support a multi-pronged approach to school and community safety; while contending with a budget deficit, due in part, to $40M+ in pandemic response costs not reimbursed by the Province of Ontario.

Families and school communities deserve to live in safety. We achieve safe communities by addressing the root causes of violence and crime. Our school communities are not silos separate from the challenges in our society. At this critical time, it is my hope and expectation that the Toronto District School Board, City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario can work collaboratively towards a vision for healthier and more affordable communities. I hope that In collaboration with partners in government, we find the solutions to better diminish poverty, lack of opportunities and inequality that will help the next generation succeed.

With that in mind, I share calls to action and priorities within the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario’s budget that can support this goal. Your review and participation in the budget consultation processes is appreciated as we strive to ensure that public schools are well-funded, enriching and safe places that afford our students a better future.

Suggested priorities for city investment include:

  • Childcare services, recreation programs, parks and libraries
  • SafeTO, Toronto Community Crisis Service and Poverty Reduction Strategy recommendations
  • Vision Zero and safe streets for children to walk or cycle to school
  • TTC funding and implementing free fare for all students
  • Continued public health programming for students

Suggested priorities for provincial investment include:

  • Child care, mental health supports and affordable housing
  • Priority School Initiative funding for after school community programs
  • Revised funding formula to allow for adequate numbers of instructional and support staff to meet student needs
  • Educational assessments, early childhood interventions and in-school supports for unfinished learning rather than direct payments to parents and caregivers

How community can participate:


Learn more about the 2023 City Budget and making submissions here.

Learn more about 2023 Ontario budget consultations and making submissions here.

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