School Programs & Planning

  • Advocating for sufficient staffing and resources to meet the needs of all special education students and their families
  • Working to restore school-based Grade 7/8 guidance counsellors to improve access to all high school pathways for all students
  • Working to ensure that all local schools have good access to arts, music, STEM, HPE, and outdoor education
  • Ensuring that all students have the opportunity to access French instruction in whichever stream they choose—continuing the work to ensure that more spaces are available across the city in Extended and Immersion programs.
  • Growing the Board’s vendor list to include more diverse offerings (e.g. Indigenous dance, girls in sport programs, etc.)
  • Removing fees from International Baccalaureate programs in all TDSB schools
  • Strengthening adult education by providing adequate resources for ESL, LINC, Literacy and Basic Skills, Indigenous Languages, Citizenship, and Parenting programs. 
  • Opposing permanent mandatory virtual learning for all students, including the existing changes made by Policy/Program Memorandum 167
  • Advocate for the creation of a working table that will create a vision for the future of e-Learning in Ontario that does not undermine school board and e-learning consortium leadership and employs proven pedagogical models.
  • Creating public documentation of progress on the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and it’s action plans, including specific actions taken and updates on the success benchmarks.
  • Creating Board-level working groups for each of the pillars of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan, including trustees, staff, and members of school communities.
  • Continuing to develop culturally-relevant parenting programs for Indigenous families
  • Ensuring that the Board is offering culturally appropriate early childhood education programs for Indigenous families
  • Working to ensure that Indigenous language education is available and expanded for K-12 and adult learners across the city.