Safe Schools

Over the two school years, we’ve seen what happens when you don’t make the right investment in public health protections. Instead of ensuring that ventilation and other protections at public schools was up to standard, the provincial government closed schools for more time than any other jurisdiction in North America. 

I believe the TDSB can use tools within their jurisdiction to keep schools safe from COVID-19.

  • Advocating for all schools to have adequate indoor air quality by installing or improving ventilation and filtration. Schools which do not meet the minimum ventilation guidelines from ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 should be prioritized for upgrades.
    • In the interim, ensuring that all schools with insufficient central HVAC filitation/ventilation have access to portable HEPA filters.
  • Following the Ontario Science Table recommendations regarding environmental disinfection and hand hygiene.
  • Ensuring that the TDSB continues to be a partner to Toronto Public Health in providing school-based vaccine clinics for COVID-19 and all routine childhood immunizations.