The Ontario Human Rights Commission's Right to Read inquiry report highlights how learning to read is not a privilege but a basic and essential human right. The report includes 157 recommendations to the Ministry of Education, school boards and faculties of education on how to address systemic issues that affect the right to learn to read.

Some of these recommendations include:

  • stop using textbooks and classroom materials that are inconsistent with scientific evidence
  • implementing measures/resources/programs/guides/training to provide mandatory explicit, systematic and direct instruction in foundational word-reading skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding and word study
  • provide educators the opportunity to take accredited structured literacy courses
  • twice a year (beginning and mid-year) literacy screening from Kindergarten Year 1 to Grade 2
  • support for all students who struggle with reading

Implementing the OHRC’s recommendations will ensure more equitable opportunities and outcomes for students. The Toronto District School Board should fully implement all of the recommendations found in the Ontario Human Rights' Commission's 'Right to Read' Report. 

Will you sign?

Reading is a human right.