Parent & Community Engagement

Parents and guardians are vital partners in developing an education system that serves every student’s needs. For too long, parents and guardians have felt disconnected from what’s going on in their children’s education. We can make sure that parents are well integrated into the school ecosystem and working in tandem with staff to build vibrant local school communities. 

Community members without children in school should also be well-served by the TDSB. Schools are public gathering places that can be better utilized and made available for a wide range of public functions. 

Everyone benefits from local schools that are connected to the local community.

  • Improving school-level parent communication tools so that all parents are connected to their child’s learning
  • Looking at ways we can unlock our schools as community hubs through a review of the Community Use of Schools Policy and simplifying the booking process for school spaces for community members
  • Ensuring that consistent Ward forum meetings are held, and looking at new ways to keep school councils in touch between meetings.
  • Holding regular town halls on key issues of public interest
  • Looking at further partnership with the City of Toronto to leverage school sites as neighbourhood hubs that offer multiple services, like medical clinics, child care centres, and settlement agencies, especially in the construction of new schools.
  • Maintaining a website and social media platforms to keep the community updated on the latest from the Board
  • Sending regular newsletters to the community
  • Holding virtual office hours for parent and community member concerns
  • Supporting the expansion of the Black Student Success Committee model, and other affinity groups, to more schools in Ward 7