Deep, long-standing inequities in policy and procedures have created barriers to achievement and well-being for marginalized students, including Indigenous, Black, POC, 2SLGBTQ+, neurodiverse, and economically disadvantaged folks. 

We must ensure that equity is embedded in all policy decisions made by the TDSB. 

  • Supporting the creation of mandatory anti-racism and equity training for all TDSB employees
  • Establishing more supports for student affinity clubs and school-wide equity initiatives
  • Hiring, retention and promotion strategy for Black, Asian, and other racialized educators and education workers, so that every child can see themselves reflected in the adults that support their learning
  • Supporting culturally relevant academic programs and making them available in all schools
  • Provide additional resources to Community Advisory Committees in order to undertake more in-depth consultation with the communities they represent
  • Expanding communication and outreach tools to promote specialized programs, so that everyone is aware of the opportunities available within the Board
  • Working to improve the success and graduation rates of BIPOC students. 
  • Reducing student suspensions and expulsions—which disproportionately impact BIPOC students—by using a restorative justice and counselling model
  • Providing safe space for trans and non-binary students by working to install gender neutral bathrooms in all schools
  • Creating processes for more transparent communication with school communities after incidents of racism and hate. 
  • Advocating to expand the ‘Kids Ride Free’ TTC fares to all K-12 TDSB students—currently it only goes to age 12, but high school students have some of the longest school commutes without the option of school buses.
  • Sustaining the Centre for Excellence of Black Student Achievement